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Symfony CLI: let's discover advanced options!

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Symfony CLI: let's discover advanced options!

Symfony CLI binary allows to start a local PHP server to run your application. Many interesting options are available: local domain, HTTPS... Let's discover undocumented options or options recently documented!

Workers configuration

We can define workers, that will start automatically with the server (example taken from documentation):

# .symfony.local.yaml
    # Automatically start "yarn encore" in "watch" mode
    yarn_encore_watch: ~

    # Automatically start "messenger:consume" with "async" transport
    messenger_consume_async: ~

    # You can also define your own commands
        cmd: ['yarn', '--cwd', './spa/', 'dev']

Local wildcard domain

You probably knew that you can define local domains, for example "project.wip".

But did you know that you can also define local wildcard domains?

symfony proxy:domain:attach "*.myproject"

This way, your projet will handle eg. admin.myproject.wip, custom.myproject.wip...

Configure options using a configuration file

As you read above, the .symfony.local.yaml file allows to configure workers. But, what's not yet documented is that there are other options available!

# Sets domain1.wip and domain2.wip for the current project
        - domain1
        - domain2

    document_root: public/ # Path to the project document root
    passthru: index.php # Project passthru index
    port: 8000 # Force the port that will be used to run the server
    preferred_port: 8001 # Preferred HTTP port [default: 8000]
    p12: path/to/p12_cert # Name of the file containing the TLS certificate to use in p12 format
    allow_http: true # Prevent auto-redirection from HTTP to HTTPS
    no_tls: true # Use HTTP instead of HTTPS
    daemon: true # Run the server in the background
    use_gzip: true # Toggle GZIP compression

Caution: if you define local domains using this configuration file, when you will run the server:start command, domains defined using the proxy:domain:attach command will be overridden.


Et voilà! :) If you have any questions, comments, suggestions... Feel free to post a comment below :)


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