Jonathan Scheiber

Jonathan Scheiber



I've always been drawn to IT, and I discovered myself very young a passion for web development.
After two years of study in higher education and obtaining my Analyst-Developer diploma, I decided to take off.
I spent a little over two years at Snowcap, a small web agency, before coming to work for the SIEP, which informs the public about studies and professions in Belgium.

Work Experience

SIEP - Lead developer Symfony

Liège, Belgium | Since 2015

Development and maintenance of several web applications (public or intranet), using Symfony.
Server management, custom deploy system, backups...
Staging websites setup, Gitlab, automated tests, CI, websites monitoring...

Snowcap - Symfony / PHP developer

Brussels, Belgium | 2013 - 2015

Development and maintenance of applications, primarily built with Symfony 2 but also symfony 1.4 and Magento: eShops, forums, CMS, Showcase websites...

YAMS - symfony 1.4 development, eshop

Strasbourg, France | 2012

Internship: Performing various tasks using symfony 1.4, including the creation of an eShop module and the implementation of an email campaign.

EEPI Robotique - Symfony 2 & robotics development

Wasselonne, France | 2011

Internship: Realization of an intranet using Symfony 2 (management of projects, orders, invoices...), and creation of an interface to control a robotic packaging line.

Personal projects

Leapt Froala Editor bundle

Open Source

The leapt/froala-editor-bundle is a bundle allowing to easily integrate the Froala WYSIWYG editor in a Symfony form, with shared configurations. I decided in 2019, at the time of the Hacktoberfest, to contribute substantially to this bundle then fork it in order to allow it to be able to run as soon as possible on the latest versions of Symfony.

Leapt Core bundle

Open Source

The leapt/core-bundle is again a Symfony bundle. It is a set of tools made available to facilitate the developer's tasks: RSS feeds, sitemap, pagination... It's a fork of my previous employer's bundle, Snowcap.


The website you are browsing on. My goal is to regularly publish, as much as possible, blog articles that could help people looking for a solution to their problems mostly related to Symfony.

On my Screen & Les p'tites recettes de Mery


Two websites created for my partner: On my Screen allows her to publish mostly movies or series reviews; Les p'tites recettes de Mery aims to be an inspiration source for cooking.